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Development and Equity is crucial for long term prosperity where all members are give equal opportunity to contribute their ideas talents and effort .Regions of the society should not be cut off because of gender, race, Ethnicity or geographical locations that can deny access to Health care, education, jobs and land rights by the poor.We admit that the most serious challenge in the society and Kenya is inequality and poverty.  Women and youth are key factors to address this issue by sharing part of the Constituency Kitty equally to all youth and women groups. Devolution of CDF management would move focus to needy sections of development.

EDUCATIONOur contribution towards education costs for the poorest children
“From 2003 to this day, I surrendered my council salary as aid towards school fees among the poorest children in my ward. I was appointed the committee in charge of selection process, and distribution of this fund. The total number of children who have benefited from this kitty is 100” Said one of our members.
Scholarships Nandi Educational Centre, founded in 1993 by Ambassador Peter Rono, and is currently situated at the Christian Intermediate Technology Centre (CITC) is ongoing with the scholarship placement program. Ambassador Rono along with other partners in the USA saw the need to assist our bright children to obtain track and academic scholarships from various universities in the USA, as one way of poverty eradication.
The numbers of those who have succeeded from the program are more than 250 students.GENDER AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONOur population has 80% of the poor being women and youth through exclusion and marginalization. I commit my self to move beyond this extreme and ensure the following is achieved.
  • Mandatory 30% representation by women in all devolved structures is conformed and at least 20% youth in the same representation because they leverage available resources to improve their community.
  • Incentives to institutions that give priority to women and youth and rural entrepreneurs in their contribution to society.
  • Lias with division and location leaders to promote Primary and Secondary school and achieve at least a centre of Academic Excellence in Every Division and promote access to quality education.
Equity of Resources The society being among the High potential zones of this country has not been give enough resource utilization potential. Constituency cake should not favor any region at the expense of the other which are presumed politically incorrect or higher potential. I plan to equalize the fortunes of our land with special attention to resource allocation to all locations and sub-locations. I offer myself to give a new path to social equity based on empirical indices.
 CDF budget is a critical instrument for economic management of our constituency and the sharing of this kitty should be on a fairest module to reach as much needs as possible on expenditure.  I will work to reduce the influence of politics in the administration of the CDF fund by allowing the communities choose members to seat in the CDF committee.Investment Facilitation and Business
  • As a constituency prevailing business and investment undermines the full exploitation of our resource and opportunities as a community. we will Lias with both Nandi county and Municipal Council to provide friendlier environment to our business communities.
  • Mobilize capital flows to promote our sluggish economy through multiplier effect of triggering further investment.
  • Promote private sector within the constituency through collaboration on community legal aids.

AgricultureWe will strive to be part the lobby to promote value addition for major products including Tea, Maize, Cofee, Milk, and wheat.Lias with youth groups in securing funds to practice farming as income projects.Promote protection cooperative societies for marketing purposes.Team up with regional Mps to get government regulates costs of farm inputs as fertilizers and seeds.Facilitate contracts between farmers and government to guarantee essential food products as a national security agency.TourismMain tourism centers to be developed include Sitatunga project in Kingwal swamp and it has to be promoted as community project. I will push for new sites be managed by the local authorities.Promote youth who wish to carry out and write on African traditions and values as heritage of constituency and communities in the society.Collaborate with NEMA in protection of natural Habitats as tourist destinations.

Manufacturing-Manufacturing maximizes the national countries comparative advantage both in quality and volume. If new factory is set up in the society it will generate more jobs and cess taxes broaden for local authorities.
- Promote the transformation of cooperative movements to processing and marketing firms.

Environment.One of the main objectives of the self-help group formation in Kapsisiywo ward was to eradicate poverty and disease among the residents. One of the best methods of eradicating poverty and overcoming diseases is through environmental conservation. Every self-help group must adopt the conservation policy as it enters into the family of other self help groups within the ward.
The result today is the massive transformation of the region from what used to be undesirable to a point where it has now become an East African Region statistic, as far as the environmental conservations are concerned.
The activities carried out include:-Production of tree seedlings – indigenous and exoticPlanting of at least a number of trees by each memberSale of seedlings for incomeTrainings members on conservation of the environmentGenerous contributions of land and labour by the members for preparation of nurseries and nurturing of seedlingsI founded Kimondi North Nandi Forest Association (KINNAFA) as an umbrella of all the groups currently; the association has been able to receive funding of Kshs 23,726,000 from CDTF-CEF on behalf of all the groups for the conservation projects
A few examples of people who have deliberately made efforts to visit these conservation projects on official duty include the following:-World Bank Delegation on a supervision mission, led by Mr. Stephen Makore of the ministry of finance.