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The ICC Centre meetings at Segut,Chepketemon,Kaptumo,  Labuiywo,Fort Ternan,Chemelil,Kibigori,Kapseng'ere,Danger(Tuloi] and Kamasai.

The ICC Centre meetings  were very exciting especially during the Kosgei  Rutto hearing. Most participants were very eager to know the outcome of the hearings. They were thinking that the verdict would be declared after the hearing but thanks to Mr Saina the Lawyer who is handling the topic who has been candid in his explanation of the ICC process and the different stages of the cases.

Segut meeting on the 6th September 2011 was received with a lot of excitement as that was the time the Ruto- Kosgei case was going on at the Hague.Segut is located in Emg’wen Constituency Nandi Central District.


Below: Chepketemon meeting on 13th  September 2011. Aldai Constituency Nandi South District.


Chepketemon meeting on 13th  September 2011.Aldai Constituency Nandi South District

Introductory remarks were made by Busienei where he welcomed all the participants after being ushered in by the Centre Monitor Caroline Jeruto.
Mr  Saina the legal Consultant then  took over and expounded more about the ICC process. He dwelt more on the Kenyan case after discussing elements of the  Rome Statue and the operations of the Court. Most of the questions were based on  why the Kenyan Case was  taken up by the ICC.  


Kaptumo meeting on the 19th september 2011 which was attended by almost 100 people was very active.The area chief was very happy that the organisation took time to teach the community about the ICC process and more particularly about the Kenyan case.The chief who gave a personal testimony of what happened to him along Naivasha Nakuru road  as he had taken his sister to school was happy that justice will be done both for victims and the suspects. He said he was a victim of the PEV, Kaptumo is in Aldai Constituency.



This is the way we were welcomed in labuiywo on 15th september 2011.In the middle is the Centre monitor Pauline Ronoh,Gilbert Saina the lawyer and David Busienei. The crowd was upbeat about the ICC process and they asked a lot of questions.

Our centre Monitor at Labuiywo who is also a member of the District Peace Committee said the programme was timely as the Constituency is represented by Hon.Henry Kosgey who is one of the Suspects facing the Charges at the Hague. Mr  Lamai a resident of the area requested for the Installation of the Dstv to suplement the T.v  programmes as the reception of the local channels in the area is poor. This is a matter that the organisation will look into in future. 



Fort Ternan is a name that has a lot of historical significance to the Nandi community. This is where the British Soldiers established a  Fort so  has to fight the community who resisted their rule in Kenya.

Currently it’s being inhabited by several tribes including the Kalenjin,Luo,Kisii and a few members of the Kikuyu Community.

The  forum here  was attended by fairly a good number of people living around the Centre as it’s located along the border of the three Constituencies namely: Kipkellion  and Tinderet in  the Kalenjin side and Muhoroni  in the Luo side.

Below is USAID Grants Manager Jane Wakaimba Consulting with Alex the  Driver during one of the  field visits in Fort Ternan
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The reactions here on ICC were about why the ICC didn’t take up the Mt Elgon Case an issue which was well tackled by  the Legal Consultant above Mr Saina who said the Government arrested the situation in time.


This is a Centre that is located on the Border between Tinderet and  Muhoroni  Constituencies. It’s Cosmopolitan in nature as there are all tribes working within the Sugar Factories of Muhoroni and Chemelil with the Luos and Kalenjins forming the majority.Below the Centre Monitor Collette Akiny is receiving the ICC Materials from CCDD officials Mr Tenai and the Legal Consultant Mr Saina.


It’s also located along the border between Adai and Kisumu East Constituencies.  The major challenge here is getting a physical facility where to house the Centre as most of  the buildings are either temporary or the spaces available are very small. This  could be as a result of high level of insecurity due to border feuds arising from cases of Cattle rustling  and tribal confrontations. With regard to ICC reaction here most people are now feeling that the Court is Independent and Transparent.They say so as a result of watching the live proceedings.



It’s located along the border between Aldai and Kisumu West Constituencies and Hamisi Constituency  on the Western side.This is a unique Centre in the sense that it’s also located along the Equator and borders Kisumu,Nandi and Vihiga Counties.It’s also Cosmopolitan in nature.This is a centre that has a feeling that the ICC process is not fair.They witnessed a lot of destruction in the Neighboring Kisumu Town but they are wondering why the ICC did not hold anybody accountable. It took the Laywer a lot of time trying to explain it.



It is located in Emgw’en Constituency next to Hamisi Constituency Border.The Location is ideal as it will address the perennial  problem of the clashes within this area between the Luhya Community and the Nandi.The Committee Chairman Mr obadia Muge who is also the area Peace Committee leader has been very instrumental in mobilizing the community to embrace the centre activities especially the ICC programme.This is a centre that is located in a fairly populated area and therefore the ICC live coverage sessions were always fully packed.


The Centre Chairman Mr Obadia addressing the Meeting before the discussion begins.

It’s located on the border of  Mosop Constituency in Nandi County,Malava Constituency in Kakamega County and Eldoret North Constituency in Uasin-Gishu County.This is among the Centres that have no electricity and therefore it’s using one of  the Solar Systems  that were bought for the programme. The predominant Communities here are the Luhya and the Nandi.This is an area that is also riddled with cases of clashes due to grazing Land and the cross border conflicts. The centre has been viewed  as an agent of change as the area is a little bit closed up.The residents are happy that they were able to watch ICC live proceedings for the entire period.Some of them from the neighboring  Eldoret North Constituency which is represented by Hon.William Ruto who is among the suspects facing charges at the Hague were Convinced that Justice will be done finally as opposed to the view they held earlier that there was biasness.

On the left is a cross –section of the participants filling in the questionnaires at Kamasai led by their Chief and on the right is the Legal Consultant Mr Saina during question and answer session at the same meeting.


Clock-wise: Kibigori,Fort Ternan and Chemelil.


Generally the programme was successful as most of the people around the centres followed the LIVE ICC proceedings right from the beginning to the end. Most of the reactions were handled effectively by the Legal Consultant Mr Gilbert Saina. All  the Centres are now equipped with the Materials i.e the Copy of the Rome statute, ICC Pamphlets, Copy of  Kenyan Constitution and relevant DVD’S. As the ICC ruling approaches it is important that the programme is sustained so as to address the emerging issues and continue to diffuse tension.