Installation  of the T.Vs and Solar Systems

Installation  of the T.vs and Solar Systems as handed over by the Secretary General Mr David Busienei


Between 24th August and 28th August  we did  the distribution and installation of the T.V sets and the Solar systems that were bought for the new Centres nemely;Fort Ternan,Chemelil,Kibigori,Kapseng’ere,Danger and Kamasai.An activity that took four days but was well  covered by the Media.Kass and Chamgei FM stations were with us for the 4 days.The activity featured in their News for the same period of time.Sayare T.V covered it on the second day elaborately.The Star news papers carried a story on the same twice.On the 1st september few hours before the confirmation of the charges hearing at the Hague started,the same story featured on NTV News at one o’clock ckc


 25th August 2011-Chil-Chila Division Fort –Ternan Receiving their T.v set and Dvd.                                                 

Centre Installations


Chemelil Kapsengere kamasia
Installation at Kibigori
Kibigori kipkimba danger