Welcome to CCDD Kenya Website - Nandi County Civil Society Network

A network bringing together all the civil society organizations in Nandi County for the common good of advancing development agenda and good governance in Nandi County with the motto “ One plus One equals Three.”
1. Membership is open to all CSOs operating in Nandi County
2. NCCSN is an association of CSOs who purpose to network together. The aims of the network are as follows, to: -
• Explore and discover common purpose
• Enable civil society to speak with one voice, making common presentation
• Inform one another by sharing knowledge and expertise
• Collaborate with one another by partnership engagement instead of competition
• Discern and approach points of access at both local and national levels
• Come alongside and enhance the capacity of both the legislature and executive of the County Government, in order to support it, by presenting briefings, reports and proposals.
• Expand civic education by CSO cooperation, playing to the strengths of each CSO, thus enabling increased empowerment of the people by improved mobilisation.