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Transforming the Society

In many ways our society has consistently tried to break from the yoke of failed leadership that has shackled us. We refuse to accept the fact that the society is incapable of building an industry of human resource and employment opportunities as well as choosing quality leaders to tackle the division and inequality. Leaders who are supposed to care for and enhance our environment and quality of life by developing modern infrastructure, improving education, healthy services and building a growing society’s economy.
We have faith in the electorate and as we have made easy and expedient decisions so far in the last two general elections, we believe that the year 2007 was the year we had to make informed decisions. The society is ripe for a honest and lasting leadership, poverty eradication and equality, a programme of re-engineering Agriculture, new ways of tackling insecurity and building modern infrastructure and harnessing technology to equip ourselves for a new lifestyle.
We know that most of you have become cynical on leadership and distrustful of politicians. Pledges by successive leaders have essentially been flocking with indifference. We share your disappointment and offer a different style of leadership that will renew the society’s faith in the ability of its leaders and politics to deliver.
We seek to renew our faith in politics through the interests of the many, the broad majority of our members work hard genuinely and seek new ways to improve their lives and feel let down by a political leadership that has been held hostage by an elite at the top that is increasingly out of touch with the rest of us.


Our desire above all is to serve the people in a way that unites them. Although we face tough challenges like endemic poverty, together we can turn around the destiny of our people. We believe that the proposals we will put a cross will create an enabling environment for our people to prosper.
Our society has beautiful groups of population who are vibrant, hard working and who share diverse natural resources and enormous potential. It is unacceptable that we are still held hostage to poverty and widened economic gap.
 With the countries 56% population living below poverty threshold in less than 70/- per a day and 82% living in rural areas the poverty level has risen and needs to be checked. Our society is characterized by gross demographic disparities in the spread of wealth income and opportunities and distinct along age and gender. CDF allocation illustrates wide disparities in poverty index.
 Unless stemmed by deliberate affirmative measures inequality and poverty will continue to thrive to unmanageable levels and pose a serious threat to the progress.

We believe that poverty and gross inequality robs everyone of their God-given human dignity and stunts our constituency development efforts. We commit ourselves to energize the input of every electorate to halt this trend. Towards this we intend to take measures to stem the further rise of and ultimately reduce by at least a half our population living in poverty by opening doors of opportunity to every electorate without any distinction whatsoever.
  This is a mission we can achieve as an organization by empowering each citizen of our great constituency through a new leadership paradigm defined by equitable balance in the sharing and distribution of resources and decision making leverage that will guarantee equal opportunity for all. Our philosophy is anchored on our strong conviction that every resident counts and our unequivocal belief that equality of opportunity and equity in the management of our national affairs is absolutely necessary for a long term success of our region.

The society cannot prosper with over one half of population excluded from major decisions on resource allocation. We therefore plan to institute and uphold pragmatic affirmative measures to bring the 60% mass of the poor and the sidelined to major decision making opportunities and make them realize their full capability. With equity as a tool for empowerment, we commit ourselves to raising the level of investment by placing resources and decision making directly in control of majority of the electorate through sub location and village representation.
 We are honored and humbled to share our plan for a better society and a fresh deal for renaissance of the region. No Life Ever Grows Until it is Focused, Dedicated and Disciplined.