Welcome to CCDD Kenya Website - Background Information

Since its registration, CCDD has facilitated several initiatives in the North Rift region and seeks to continue imparting positive change to the people in both urban and rural areas through the design and implementation of development related projects aimed at alleviating poverty. It carries out advocacy on various issues and promotes causes of specific interest in order to seek to influence the policies, believes practices and the rights of the people on societal issues.
The organization has grown steadily since its humble beginning when it was established. Currently, it has a Board of Directors, a Chief Executive officer with great experience, specialists in various fields, extension workers and Administrative personnel.

Overall Objectives

  • To provide support to orphans displaced persons and aid in the humanitarian support to aim at alleviating poverty and easing suffering.
  • To carry out advocacy on issues and promote causes of specific interest in order to seek to influence the policies and practices.
  • To  motivate communities to foster their culture and create wealth as well as solve developmental problems
  • To foster sustainable development in all areas of operation.

Specific objectives

  • Develop teamwork while responding to  core objectives of the organization
  • Establish a network of operation with other NGO`s, CBO`s, and groups.
  • Empower communities to uphold peace and tranquility as they manage their own projects.
  • Support communities in the development of income generating activities to alleviate poverty.

CCDD believes that capacity building is the missing link in Africans` development. Our long term strategy therefore is to build both our internal capacity and that of community leaders to handle and manage all developmental programs and projects in their diversity and complexity in the African continent. We are also working to develop a network of NGO`s and CBO`s in the rural and urban initiatives that aim to improve the quality of life so as to share knowledge and experiences. We would like to use our experiences to influence policy and strategies in development throughout Africa. The organization seeks also to pursue activities to relief suffering, promote the interest of the poor, protect the environment, provide basic services and undertake community development.