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The organization has a nine member Board of Directors that formulates policies and programs. A program manager, answerable to the Board of Directors undertakes the day-day management of the organization assisted by officers who are specialized in various fields. This team forms the organizations secretariat that initiates, plans, designs and coordinates the implementation of all programs. This team is also the intermediary between the Board, the Development partners and the project beneficiaries.
The secretariat has an office that is  equipped with state of the art office facilities.
CCDD has a small team of associate consultants that it calls upon to handle various project assignments including backstopping, as need arises. These assignments include; project identification, feasibility studies, surveys, project preparation and project appraisals. Others are impact assessment and, monitoring and evaluation.
We believe in involving the client beneficiaries in all our activities from planning to implementation of projects. We also involve the beneficiaries in setting out the project performance indicators to empower them in monitoring and evaluation. We believe this is important in ensuring ownership of the projects by the concerned and hence ensuring sustainability long after the project is completed. This is also because we do not have all answers to problems indeed the beneficiaries understand their problems more than we do. We only guide them to identify these problems and help bring about the solutions to these problems. Our approach is participatory and bottom-up.